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contactor iCT - 3 poles - 3 NO - 25 A - 220..240 V AC

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This Acti9 iCT is a modular contactor. It is a 3P remote control device with 3 normally open contacts. The In rated current is 25A for AC-7a and 8.5A for AC-7b. The Ue rated operational voltage is 400VAC. The Uc control voltage is 220VAC to 240VAC. This device could be used for control circuits. It is compatible with all the Acti9 control auxiliaries, for lighting, heating & ventilation control applications. This device could be used for remote switching lighting loads, small motors (fans, mixers) or HVAC system applications. This product is compliant with IEC/EN 61095 standard. Electrical endurance goes up to 100000 cycles for AC-7A or AC-1, 30000 cycles for AC-7C, AC-7B, AC-3, AC-5A or AC-5B The maximum switching operations is 6 per minute. The Ui rated insulation voltage is